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IT Infrastructure

A well planned and executed project that adheres to a proven project management methodology produces consistent results, reduces costs, improves process efficiencies, and delivers customer satisfaction. RedRock's IT project management and Development services methodology focuses on meeting your business' goals through open communication and strategic expertise. We have successfully completed thousands of unique IT projects for hundreds of customers of all sizes and have perfected the process along the way. Our project managers focus on meeting your business goals through integrity, open communication, and an uncompromising commitment to excellence. Let us handle your IT project management needs while you and your team run your business.


Our IT project services teams ensure an understanding of your mission, business processes, and industry to drive efficiency and help your business succeed.

Complex Networking

We work with your organization to design, build, or reconfigure your network based on your unique business needs and industry requirements.


Our IT project services help your organization migrate its data to the cloud seamlessly and securely.

LifeCycle Refresh

When your technology is out-of-date or you need a hardware or software refresh, we help you update your technology on the back-end and ensure your business continues to run smoothly.

Project Management As A Service

We help optimize your working environment by adding different aspects of project management to your team, on demand. Our project managers have the experience, perspective, and expertise to help your business thrive.

Staff Augmentation

Our project managers become an extension of your team to help you achieve your objectives quicker and more efficiently. Need help with a different project? Contact us below to learn more about how RedRock can help manage projects for your business.



With over thirty years combined experience managing projects that help businesses thrive, RedRock can adapt to your organization’s specific needs and scope.

Investment in Your Organization

Through collaboration and proven toolsets, your organization benefits from dedicated and personalized guidance.


Our IT project management services adhere to industry best practices (e.g., PMI, ITIL) through extensive experience and certifications.

A Strategic Partnership

Led by experienced and certified IT project management services professionals, we gain a deep understanding of your mission, business processes, and specific industry to drive efficiency and help you succeed.